Social Media Policy

With the intention of keeping our clients’ social media experiences pleasant, this policy outlines rules pertaining to the use of Vektor Aviation’s Social Media pages and channels.

Vektor Aviation’s Social Media pages and channels are open to all users and have been created to keep our fans, customers and partners up-to-date with our products, projects, service offerings, industry news and developments. We encourage dialogue, discussion and the sharing of opinions and experiences relating to aviation and ‘living bolder’.

By selecting to “Like” or “Follow” any of our pages or channels, you agree to receive content updates. These may appear in the “news feed” and “notifications” sections of your personal profile. Our commitment is to not share any personal information that you disclose in confidence, to any third parties, without your explicit consent. However, other users may be able to view the information you post on our pages and channels unless you send us a private, direct message.

By accessing our pages and channels, you undertake to:

  • Remain courteous and refraining from any insulting or defamatory comments.
  • Do not make any racist, hate-related, obscene, infringing and more generally unlawful comments.
  • Refrain from duplicating postings (to queries already answered or any efforts at spam) will be regarded as ‘flooding’ and will be deleted accordingly.
  • The posting of any advertising messages, classified ads or messages containing telephone numbers or addresses is not permitted.
  • External links posted in comments are not the responsibility of Vektor Aviation, and any links that do not comply with the guidelines set out here will be removed without notice.
  • Do not harass, threaten, embarrass, swear at, sexually harass or abuse any other participants or community members.
  • Responses to any posts or users that are guilty of violating the above rules, that in themselves violate the rules, will be subject to moderation.

General terms and conditions of use:

At Vektor Aviation, we promote and encourage tolerance towards page and channel users of different races, sexes and sexual preferences from our own.

Please remember that our social pages and channels are enjoyed by families. This means that we have to keep minors, mothers, senior citizens as well as others not mentioned in mind. We trust that you will help us to maintain a conflict-free zone.

Our community guidelines:

As you are a fan, supporter, customer or partner of Vektor Aviation, this is your space and we encourage you to engage, share your stories and leave comments. However, please be aware that comments are reviewed and will be removed if your contributions are in breach of these guidelines and rules.

No derogatory, discriminatory or distasteful comments or contributions are tolerated.

Many fans, supporters, customers and partners participate in discussions on our social pages and channels each day. Please help us maintain a helpful, fun and fair atmosphere where no one is subjected to hostility or bullying.

Do not offend others:

  • Avoid colourful language. You know, the really controversial kind.
  • Speak to other page visitors as you would like them to speak to you.
  • Avoid mentioning anything, which may have negative implications. To be safe, stay away from ambiguous remarks and statements.
  • Do not address emotive topics and issues such as religion or politics.

Breaching of these rules:

We reserve the right to remove any posts or comments which we find to be inappropriate or inflammatory. We may block users who do so from engaging with our social pages or channels.

By accessing and participating on our social media pages or channels, you accept and acknowledge that our community moderators have the right to check comments and contributions at any given time.

Any comments, posts or contributions that do not abide by the guidelines and rules set out in this document may be removed without prior notice.