Traffic control vectoring ensures aircraft

achieve & maintain their desired track
to arrive, depart or transition safely.

At Vektor Aviation,

we serve our
discerning clients
in the same way.

We believe pursuing the impossible means being prepared for it.

In partnership with the world’s leading insurers, underwriters and sub-agents, we’ve been providing specialised aviation insurance for over a decade.

Today’s mavericks, leaders and captains of industry, our clients, need an insurance broker that advises truthfully. One they can trust. Absolutely.

Our aviation legacy, mastery of risk and decades of hard-won experience equips us with the necessary foresight to guide our clients, allowing them to be bolder in their pursuits.

Excellence and nothing less is our desired end-point.

And we navigate there…


Reon Wiese

Chief Executive Officer

Kim Van Der Walt

Head of Aviation:
Corporate & General Aviation

Leandra Rossell

Aviation Operations Manager

Julie Conchar

Senior Aviation Specialist

Niamh O’Mahony

Aviation Broker
(Working Under Supervision)

Kevin Mills

Aviation Broker

Michaela Osner

Junior Broker
(Working Under Supervision)

Harry Baker

Head of Accounts

Chandreka Ismail


Adriaan van Heerden

Junior Accountant

Sylvia White

Aviation Administrator

Melinda Martins

Aviation Administrative Assistant